Jeanne Rhea

Mixed Media

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Resistors, capacitors and other vintage electronic parts, schematic image,  transfers on polymer clay, chain and metal rings, metal woven ribbon. Head is sculpted of

Apoxie Sculpt™ over Styrofoam™.











Brass sheeting, wood box, paper, found objects, vintage

tagua nut, chess pieces, polymer clay, porcupine quills,

Paints, tagua nut buttons, horn, antique prints, mini book

Quotes by chess masters include:

Every chess master was once a beginner. Chernev

Every pawn is a potential queen. Mason

Chess is the art of analysis. Botvinnik

Even a poor plan is better than no plan at all. Chigorin

Chess is played with the mind and not with the hands.

Renaud and Kahn







Sewing Queen

Marionette Assemblage



This assemblage was made from old sewing machine parts, old

spools, mirror, silk, box, notions, bobbins and other found objects. 



Wear a Crown




If nothing fits, wear a crown.

This assemblage, If nothing fits, wear a crown, is first in a series

titled Wear a Crown.  It is made from a Rosie O’Neill Kewpie doll,

found objects, vintage silk fabric, and an antique box.  Watch for

more assemblages in this series made from vintage and antique



Space Junk



As it appears in the dark


Space Junk was made from a collection of found objects.

You can read about it on my blog.  Space Junk is for sale

at Galleria on the Lake in Clarksville, Virginia.




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