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Jeanne Rhea


Mixed Media Artist





Jeanne Rhea


I have been involved in arts and crafts my entire life and was a founding member of an arts and crafts co-op in Anchorage, AK. I currently live in NC and am the founder of the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild that is now in its thirteenth year. 


I am a self-taught artist and am inspired by nature, colors, patterns, fractals, photomicrography, life experiences and the creative process itself. Using a variety of inks, I am able to create a broad range of effects that are reminiscent of microorganisms, the arctic tundra, mudflats, terraced earth, the cosmos, sea life, flowers, surrealistic landscapes and more. These patterns and designs are dependent on many factors including the humidity, the temperature, the chemical and physical makeup of the inks, the viscosity of the inks and the porosity of the substrate. The size of a design element is also determined by these conditions and as I often tell clients, "It's also how I hold my tongue during the process." Working wet on wet, timing is key in order to obtain unique designs.  In many ways, it is art meets science. 


My paintings are one-of-a-kind and no prints are made. They capture the imagination with their unique patterns, designs, and vibrancy.

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