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If you are searching for blog posts from my old blog, you can see them at Art for the Heart.  


The curriculum vitae should probably be on this page.  However, I am one of those artists who believes the next painting is going to be the best one yet and it must be painted today.  That leaves little time to spend on the past researching when I exhibited here and there and everywhere and listing the awards or press that I have received. A serious CV is in the works and will be available upon request.


This is what I would rather highlight on my CV and has had more impact on my creativity and development as an artist than any painting I have ever sold or any list of shows I have been in.


1956 New Concord Talent Show Sang How Much is that Doggy in the Window?  First Place

(Amazing to learn at the age of almost four that even though I love music, I do not want to sing for a career!)



1962 Kentucky 4-H State Muffin Baking Championship

(4-H for a country girl opened up a whole world for exploration and many, many awards to follow.)



1969 Kentucky representative at the 4-H Regional Resource Development Conference on Conservation at Fontana Village, NC

(Award for a speech that I gave about the environment. Next to the arts, the environment is of interest and with that comes all kinds of civil rights interests.)



1970 Kentucky 4-H Junior Leader of the Year

(All those 4-H demonstrations and speeches for eight years made it easy for me to demo artsy techniques and I still love it even today!)



1976, 1977 Birth of two sons

(The best creations that ever came from my heart---and body!)



1989 Founding member of an arts and crafts co-op in Anchorage, AK.  Member for eight years.

(Love of the arts, crafts, creating, selling, making a living off what one loves! What could be better?)



1993 Fly-by-Night, Anchorage, AK Poetry Slam People’s Choice Award 

(I learned I would not die from standing in front of an audience while reading my own erotic poetry.)



1994 Fur Rendezvous Best of Show Anchorage, AK

(Give me any materials even what is considered trash and I will create something and I may even make art!)



2002 Founder of the Carolina Mixed Media Arts Guild now in its 13th year.

(The most rewarding involvement with a like-minded group---a tribe of artists who support each other, push each other to do her best, accepts creativity on many levels, unequaled comraderie and opportunities to give back to the community.) 




Thank you to my fans for all of your support and for purchasing my work.  


Thank you to the galleries for doing the work that allows me to do what I do best.


I am always interested in finding new galleries to exhibit my work.  If you are a gallery owner, feel free to contact me.


 If you have questions or comments, please email me.



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