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Frenetic Energy and CV

I am seriously working on my C.V. (curriculum vitae) that is needed to apply to some galleries. Unfortunately, I hate this exercise and have kept few records to make this task easy. I have made a page on my website where the C.V. should be. Although this is written partly in jest, it is all true and is more representative of how I see myself, what I have accomplished, what has influenced me as an artist, and what I have learned than any list of shows I have been in or any paintings I have sold.

I made this collage of some of these accomplishments. Without my mother, Gladys Marie Jarrett, having saved all these clippings for me, I would not have them to post. She was 1990 Kentucky Mother of the Year and was creative, a writer and could not sit and do nothing---always reading, writing, knitting, crocheting, or quilting---anything but cleaning! I inherited these same traits--except I cannot stand chaos or disorganization in my own life, studio, or home. Lucky, for me, I also inherited my dad's easy going way of looking at life, some wit, a desire to live simply, honestly, and happily and to work hard and do the best I can with any task I take on.

Although I grew up in a small town and everyone knew our family, the newspapers rarely printed my name correctly. In one issue alone, my name was printed with five different spellings!

Since I am attempting not to be a stubborn artist---a rebel, a crazy artist, I will persevere and complete the C.V. I doubt if I will be able to document 1/100th of what I have done, but at least I will have tried!

On another note---This is my latest painting which I will be exhibiting in the VAE's show for the month of February. It represents the chaotic energy brought on by having to write a C.V.

3/1/2015 This painting has sold.

Addendum 3/20/2015: My CV is complete and ready to send. A major ccomplishment! I should add that to my CV. ;)

Frenetic Energy


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